Science Reactors group, participating in the European Waste Reduction Week_21

Τhe Science Reactors group, participating in the European Waste Reduction Week_21,
 organised an evening for the general public at the impressive place “Atraktos”(26/11/21).
A dynamic Stand up Science performance was the central axis of the evening while at the same time and in collaboration with other groups, similar actions took place with the one and only common goal: to raise concern and sensitize the audience.

More specifically:
The cause was a previous Stand up performance which the SR set up as part of the Athens Science Festival 19 on the subject: RE-think (re-use, re-duce, re-cycle) and had been a great success.
The new performance was different and with a greater variety of themes targeted to the subject of the European Week.

The non-profit company ENALEIA* presented, through video, its exceptional actions in the field of collection and reuse of plastic from the sea.

On the outside area two small but interesting exhibitions were set from the companies:


Finally, the YADES****  team closed the whole event with an interesting choreography related to the subject. The talented group (20 young boys and girls , 5-17 age) conquers the audience by posting the best comments and winning their hearts.

*ENALEIA/Founder Lefteris Arapakis -Working together with fishermen towards a sustainable marine ecosystem.

• Enaleia is a non-profit social enterprise tackling (since 2016) two directly related problems for the marine environment; The Reduction of Fish Stocks and Plastic Sea Pollution.

• We teach fishing practices that preserve local fish populations and remove the mounds of plastic that pollute the world’s seas, adapting the fishing industry for a green future.

**Teamfortheworld/Founder George KAZANTZOPOULOS

            LET THEM LIVE AGAIN!

This program aims at reusing/upcycling materials that cannot be recycled, such as banners, motorcycle inner tubes and at transforming them into beautiful objects for our daily life such as bags, back packs, book covers, glasses pouches, laptop sleeves etc.

Each of these objects is unique, hand made by refugees who earn their living in a decent way and facilitate their social integration.

It is a best practice of socially responsible circular economy .

***AthensFashionClub / Founder Maria Vytinidou. This is a Project on Sustainable Fashion and Circular economy by the students of AthensFashionClub. All the garments are made with Zero Waste, Upcycling techniques and recycled materials such as the Recycled Polyester and Recycled Wool.

Sustainability should be a growing concern for all the designers because of the environmental pollution. The designers should consider themselves as a part of the solution and not as a part of the problem.

The future of the fashion industry depends on the proper training of young designers on sustainable techniques and new business models and how they integrate these into the way they design and operate their businesses.

Using Zero Waste and Upcycling techniques to create a collection, can be a slow and complicated procedure but on the other hand it is refreshing for creativity and the designer can create unique masterpieces.

**** Υades Sport Club

Yades dance group is part of the DANCE SCHOOL ART & PERFORMANCE DANCE THEATRE. It is a very talented group of young boys and girls between 3-18 year old.

As our golden National Hip hope Greek team they will represent our country at the European(GREECE) and International (Orlando-USA) Cheer - Hip-Hop 2022 RACES.

They have been awarded in a number of Dance Festivals and Shows. They have also participated at the Athens Science Festivals (2017-19) and at the Researchers’ Night programme (2017- 2019). Their great success is due to the very talented and inspired choreographies of Natalia Tsalkova, the fantastic leader of the Club.

Some more information about our group

So you can't wait to learn more about us? ok... here we go!


Science on stage. Science in a different way!

A few words about Science Reactors

• Do scientists have a sense of humor?

• Can we present simple scientific topics with a smile?

• How do we “bring” science near us?

The group of Science Reactors responds in its own way from the stage!

The creator of the team is Eleni Grammatikopoulou, 30 years of life dedicated with passion to the Communication of Science. From the “SCIENCE SOCIETY” program of the National Hellenic Research Foundation to today’s scientific festivals and major events

In 2014 she wanted to bring out a new completely unconventional face of science by creating the subversive team of Science Reactors. Young charismatic scientists from all disciplines, through performances of Stand up Science(in the footsteps of Standup comedy) and Science on stage (scientific theater), will present science… in a different way!

Endowed with a talent in Science Communication but mainly with a passion for science itself, Science Reactors take the stage, turning difficult scientific subjects into understandable everyday stories. And most importantly, with stories full of humor!

Since then, the team participates in all scientific festivals, TedX, Researchers’ Nights, gives its own performances in theaters, etc. attracting enthusiastic comments and many fanatic friends. In 2017, ERT promoted their work as part of the “Close up” series, its official participation in the 20th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival.

The group is constantly refreshed with new faces, new texts and new activities. They have collaborated with other groups from the field of art (graffiti, music, dance, etc.) proving that humor can be aptly combined with both Art and Science. Throughout all these actions, Science Reactors have grown an amazing funatic audience while receiving positive feedback and lots of love.

Recently Science Reactors entered the digital era by participating online in major scientific events. In the context of the collaboration with ATRAKTOS, it adapted, for the first time, scientific texts specifically made for children Stand up Science Kids, thus making knowledge more attractive and accessible.

(see the You Tube program ATRAKTOS KIDS)

A similar group exists in Thessaloniki.

Kostas Vrettos is their director.

Our fantastic re-actors! 

Anorthodox CV's of the team members of EWWR-21 event

Eleni Grammatikopoulou is a science communication enthusiast.
For more than 25 years she has been involved in different activities, scientific festivals and events aiming to the public understanding of science and combating “scientific illiteracy”.
Always intrigued by non-conventional methods for the dissemination of science, Eleni created the “Science Reactors” group in 2014. A team of talented young scientist which proved, through their innovative performances i.e Stand up Science, Science on stage that science can be combined with improvisation and comedy.
At the Athens Science Festival 2018, she was awarded the Science Communication Award - ΕΠΙ2 2018 , established by SciCo 

-What is that behind your ear? Oh, it’s the ace of hearts!
-Are you sure you’re a gynecologist?

Oh yes, he is! Dr. Konstantinos Peristeris knows well the magic of life through the babies that he welcomes daily in the delivery room. He also knows the magic of performing and public speaking and as one of the founding members of Science Reactors he is known to deliver, not only babies, but also tons of laughter through his stand-up routines on the human condition, the science behind it and the science in its and everyone of us.  

My name is Paul Isaris. I have a degree in Computer Science, but usually, I feel I am Batman. Nobody understands what I do for a living.
Whenever I don't pretend to be a serious professional engineer I like running and reading books on the most peculiar subjects, that will satisfy the inner child that is hidden inside me.

My favorite things in this cruel world are traveling and storytelling. I constantly try finding new hobbies, often only resulting in getting on the nerves of the people around me. 

Antonia Karamolegkou was a castaway in the sea of science! She found a group of islands where she met Philosophy, Psychology, History, Literature, and her first love: Linguistics!

Thanks to these islands she learned how to swim and build boats on her own (the cringe story continues). After passing through the islands of Neuroscience and Mathematics, she decided to settle on the island of Computer Science. Now you may find her behind a screen (ok.. maybe more screens) programming and debugging. In her spare time she enjoys communicating science with a fantastic sense of humor (probably «fantastic» as in literally in her fantasy type of humor). 

My name is Athanasis Koustenis. I really like to learn , MSc Entrepreneurship ( ALBA), Biochemistry & Molecular Life Sciences Research (BSc & MSc, King’s College London), Informatics of Life Sciences (MDE University of Patras) and most importantly Cocktail !!! (Bar Academy). I am passionate about science communication (I do it to please women) and I am a proud member of Science Reactors. My mantra: Evolution is Fun through Humor and Science !

Maria Memou, wanting to satisfy her curiosity about the past or otherwise to express her love to vintage, studied history & archeology. Unable to resist to her travelling and social nature, despite her education, she engaged in guided tours as a tourleader. She also loves photography and cinema. Science Reactors discovered her when she decided to expose to the public and express her comedian talent by participating, as a guest, in the performance of a Science Reactor friend, and ever since, she decided to stay.

Thomas Pappas studied Mathematics in Athens and is now struggling to finish his master in Informatics. He'd add that he's also an IT guy but since he believes that everything is math it's not necessary. Even though he has identified with all stereotypes from "The Big Bang Theory" series (it's all true), by traveling a lot and meeting many different people he discovered that he enjoys talking in front of people and either explain difficult stuff in a simple way or destroy myths and pseudosciences. Since he was a kid he could memorise any joke he'd hear and in any occasion he'd throw one out to annoy... err I mean to make people laugh. Having many different interests from music to comics (we said it already, all stereotypes are true), he discovered the Science Reactors team where he could combine all of the above

My name is Michalis Sarris and since I love making sense of things that don't, I study medicine. With beloved characters Gregory House (House MD), Chandler Bing (Friends), and a recent addition Frank Underwood (House of Cards) I developed a great love for science, an even bigger god complex, and a type of humor you love and hate at the same time. Occasionally, I flirt with the natural sciences and I love chess and scary games. More on the scene 

The Urban and Regional Planner Alexandros Sourtzis, decided to go to the Polytechnic University, so that he could comfortably be speaking to his fellow students in the amphitheaters, criticizing everyone and everything. As a student he was an active elected representative of the Students, publisher of a student newspaper and a passionate speaker, which often kept him distracted from the study of Geodesy and Statics.

His rebelious nature then led him into a freelance, while for a number of years he was a distinguished member of the Toastmasters (rhetorical school). His appetite to give lectures did not leave him, so he was forced to continue for a PhD in Architecture of the NTUA, stunning the poor students during his Auxiliary Teaching Work, with powerpoint, theories and others that he thought were interesting. Unfortunately for them, Science Reactors discovered him in a FameLab contest, and since then their life has become, if not better, definitely more talkative.

He is a Swordsman Athlete, Argentine tango dancer and blogger, combining the courtesy of dance and the charm of writing with the violent force of a Gladiator. A fierce opponent of pseudoscience, he does not miss the opportunity to light up astrology, prejudices and Middle Age darkness, since he probably considers himself something like Prometheus holding a torch in the light of scientific knowledge. 

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 of EWWR-21 event


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