Science on stage. Science in a different way!

A few words about Science Reactors

• Do scientists have a sense of humor?

• Can we present simple scientific topics with a smile?

• How do we “bring” science near us?

The team of Science Reactors responds in its own way from the stage!

The creator of the team isEleni Grammatikopoulou, 30 years of life dedicated with passion to the Communication of Science. From the “SCIENCE SOCIETY” program of the National Hellenic Research Foundation to today’s scientific festivals and major events . In 2014 she wanted to bring out a new completely unconventional face of science by creating the subversive team of Science Reactors. Young charismatic scientists from all disciplines, through performances of Stand up Science(in the footsteps of Standup comedy) and Science on stage (scientific theater), will present science… in a different way!  

Endowed with a talent in Science Communication but mainly with a passion for science itself, Science Reactors take the stage, turning difficult scientific subjects into understandable everyday stories. And most importantly, with stories full of humor!

Since then, the team participates in all scientific festivals, TedX, Researchers’ Nights, gives its own performances in theaters, etc. attracting enthusiastic comments and many fanatic friends. In 2017, ERT promoted their work as part of the “Close up” series, its official participation in the 20th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival.

The group is constantly refreshed with new faces, new texts and new activities. They have collaborated with other groups from the field of art (graffiti, music, dance, etc.) proving that humor can be aptly combined with both Art and Science. Throughout all these actions, Science Reactors have grown an amazing funatic audience while receiving positive feedback and lots of love.

Recently Science Reactors entered the digital era by participating online in major scientific events. In the context of the collaboration with ATRAKTOS, it adapted, for the first time, scientific texts specifically made for children Stand up Science Kids, thus making knowledge more attractive and accessible.

(see the You Tube program ATRAKTOS KIDS)

A similar team exists in Thessaloniki.

Kostas Vrettos is the director of the team.

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